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How to Buy Your First Side Project

  • Advantages of buying side projects
  • Motivations for buying
  • Steps to buying a side project
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How to Negotiate when Buying An Online Business: Best Practices to Get the Best Deal

  • Build Rapport: Establish trust and goodwill with the seller through genuine engagement and relationship-building efforts, facilitating smoother negotiations.
  • Conduct Due Diligence: Verify financials, assess business value independently, and analyze market comparables to make informed negotiation decisions.
  • Negotiate Strategically: Negotiate all deal points, including price and other terms, exploring options like earn-out strategies to reach mutually beneficial agreements.
    Avoid Last-Minute Changes: Respect the seller's time and maintain integrity by minimizing last-minute renegotiations and honoring agreed-upon terms.

10 Steps to Buying A Profitable Micro-SaaS Startup as A Non-technical Founder

  • Define Purpose: Clarify reasons for acquiring a micro-SaaS startup and identify problems to solve or goals to achieve.
  • Product Familiarization: Explore available micro startups, understand their features, and evaluate compatibility with business objectives.
  • Value Proposition: Assess the value proposition of the software, validate market fit, and analyze customer feedback.
  • Considering Co-Founders: Explore the option of collaborating with a technical co-founder to enhance product development and operational efficiency.